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Déjà-vu Nightmare is a visual novel about a young man, who's caught in a bet between a demi god of chaos and a demi god of order. 

You wake up each day with a different girl beside you, but the rest of the day is the exact same! Which girl will you end up with once you finally make it to the next day?

This game is still a work in progress. The first 3 days are downloadable now.


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Dejavu Nightmare 00201.zip 70 MB
Dejavu Nightmare 00301 WIN.zip 79 MB
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Dropping by to say that I'm excited to see more!

As am I of our amazing artwork! Let me know if the credits are ok this way :)

I'm glad you like my artwork! 
I've only been able to play the free version so far so I didn't see where the credits were yet but maybe I've just missed them? 

Also, If you need any further help with art for the game, let me know! I may be able to help out.

I will once I get some sales, hate to ask people for free stuff ;)

There is a file in the folder as well with the credits :)


I must have missed it completely in my excitement to play, haha. 
Crediting it in a file that accompanies the game is perfect fine!
I can understand not wanting to ask for free things but I'll still keep the offer there if you decide you need something!